Spatial ALD Nano Coating Technology

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology enables you to design, and mass produce the next generation energy and display devices with a highly reduced use of scarce materials.

We support the quest for a sustainable planet and the development of better, cheaper, and higher-performing materials for the hydrogen, battery, display and solar markets. 

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition

Our equipment is used in optimizing OLED-displays, flexible electronics, yield improvement photovoltaic panels and many other applications. Discover how Spatial ALD makes an impact in your industry.

precursor utilization efficiency



Solar Cells


Spatial ALD brings innovation to your products

State-of-the-art lab and fab equipment help our customers design and mass-produce the next-generation energy- and display devices with a highly reduced use of scarce materials while maintaining excellent performance.





Spatial ALD versus Traditional ALD

Find out how Spatial ALD can bring innovation to your products.

Traditional ALD

  • High-quality 3D layers and suitable for porous substrates
  • Limited deposition speed
  • Limited in maximum substrates

Spatial ALD – Our solution

  • A 100 times faster deposition speed than conventional ALD by our spatial technology in combination with proprietary plasma enhanced deposition
  • Scalable to large surfaces
  • Adaptive to porous, flexible, and odd shaped substrates
  • Industrially proven, cost-efficient mass production 

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More about our technology

De-carbonization with Spatial ALD

Thinner and stable layers to increase the number of loading cycles and increased energy density.

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