Spatial ALD: Mask-less patterning & High deposition rate

Spatial ALD is famous for the dense, conformal and pinhole-free films that can be deposited using this technology. This is why Spatial ALD is used in various opto-electronics applications, such as encapsulation layers in OLED devices, sidewall passivation for MicroLED devices, high mobility oxide semiconductors for thin-film transistors and optical layers in waveguides for AR/VR devices. 

SparkNano offers the best R&D and mass production solutions for these applications through the high deposition rate and excellent conformality realized by Spatial ALD in combination with SparkNano’s mask-less patterning technology.

spatial ald displays

Layer deposition on 3D structures

Current technology not able to deposit encapsulation layers on complex 3D structures

Plasma enhanced Spatial ALD can deposit uniform layers on 3D structures at low temperature

spatial ald oled displays
next generation ar vr displays

High refractive layers

Current challenge is Light coupling without losses in AR/VR glasses and waveguides

Spatial ALD offers high refractive layers with excellent 3D conformal deposition with patterning

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