SparkNano Products

Sparknano offers Spatial ALD deposition tools that enables you to deposit atomic scale layers at high speed and low cost of ownership.

Equipped with SparkNano’s proprietary plasma technology, we offer several product series, each with its unique field of application.

Our products range from versatile LAB tools to highly efficient mass production FAB tools.

sparknano products

Our product portfolio consists of

Labline series

Designed for versatility and flexibility

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Vellum Series

Market leading large area fab solution for flat samples

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Omega Series

Proven roll-to-roll (R2R) system for ultra-high-volume Spatial ALD production on flexible foils

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Why SparkNano products 

In addition to supporting the global green challenges, our equipment is used in optimizing OLED-displays, flexible electronics, yield improvement photovoltaic panels and many other applications. 

Our products support the quest of the de-carbonization challenge by offering a Labline series that enables our customers to develop products with :

The best possible performing materials to improve the efficiency and lifetime of devices such as electrolyzers, fuel cells and batteries 

A minimized use of scarce materials

precursor utilization efficiency

A maximized precursor utilization efficiency, towards zero waste

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