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Angelika Magyar

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30 March 2023

We’re pleased to share that SparkNano has been included in Battery News‘ latest map of battery production machinery and equipment manufacturers in Europe. This recognition reflects our ongoing commitment to advancing battery technology through our innovative spatial atomic layer deposition (Spatial ALD) solutions.

At SparkNano, we specialize in developing and implementing a selection of market-leading products ranging from lab-to-fab to improve the performance and capabilities of battery cells, while also reducing their environmental impact. Our Spatial ALD solutions enable precise, uniform, and conformal coating of battery electrodes and separators, which can help to enhance the cell’s overall performance and mitigate issues such as capacity loss, degradation, and thermal runaway.

You can view the full map – updated in September 2023 – and learn more about the European battery production machinery and equipment manufacturers here.

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 Want to know more about the benefits of Spatial ALD for Li-ion batteries?

Spatial ALD can be used to apply thin passivating and stabilizing films at various battery interfaces. Schedule an online meeting with our team to find out more information.

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