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Angelika Magyar

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6 January 2024

The growing electric vehicle market demands cost-effective battery technology. The conference seeks to bring together OEM companies, supply chain partners, and academic researchers to address challenges and share advancements. The event will explore various battery chemistries, including high-energy lithium-ion, sodium-ion, lithium-metal systems, silicon anodes, NMC cathodes, and solid-state technologies, ensuring competitiveness with traditional internal combustion engines. Take a look at the event page here.

Date & Location: 13-16 May, Strasbourg, France

SparkNano’s contribution

SparkNano’s Spatial ALD’s ability to deposit conformal and precise coatings is beneficial for enhancing the performance and durability of porous anodes and cathodes in batteries. Whether it involves increasing surface area for electrochemical reactions, providing protective layers, or improving ion transport within porous structures, Spatial ALD offers a versatile tool for optimizing the internal components of batteries. 

Alexander Bouman Sales & Business Development Manager
Join us at the AABC 2024

Schedule a meeting with Alexander to learn more about how SparkNano offers R&D tools to develop ALD coatings for new battery materials and concepts, as well as high-volume, low-cost roll-to-roll mass-production tools.

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