Thin Film Technologies Workshop


Angelika Magyar

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7 January 2024

A Roll-2-Roll process marks a commercial breakthrough for energy applications, particularly in flexible photovoltaic (PV) applications. The ongoing development towards realizing 2.5D structures opens avenues for diverse energy storage applications, including electrochemical storage (batteries) and hydrogen storage. The workshop, “Thin Film Technologies | Future Applications of 2.5D Materials,” centered in the Eindhoven–Germany–Western Europe region, provides a platform for experts to discuss recent advancements in thin-film 2.5D applications, covering material and process development along with integration into practical energy applications.

Date & Location: 09-10 April, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

SparkNano’s contribution

We are excited to share that our CTO, Paul Poodt will be one of the speakers presenting at the workshop this year. The program will be available soon. During the event, he’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and demonstrate how SparkNano’s technology can help you achieve your goals.  

Paul Poodt
Chief Technological Officer
Do not miss the opportunity to attend the workshop and schedule a meeting with our team

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