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29 May 2023

The EUROCVD/Baltic ALD conference aims to serve as the ultimate platform for all professionals involved in chemical vapor deposition techniques. The conference is designed to enable the description of new findings, foster engaging cross-functional discussions between experts, and provide an invaluable learning experience for newcomers and enthusiasts who seek to expand their knowledge in the field.

We aim to cater to a wide audience, including individuals in the academic world, research and development institutes, and industry. As such, the list of topics provided should not be considered exhaustive but rather a source of inspiration. Attendees should feel free to draw from it and not limit themselves to it. (EuroCVD/Baltic ALD)

Date & Location: 29th May – 02nd June, Leuven, Belgium

SparkNano’s contribution

We are excited to announce that our Chief Technology Officer, Paul Poodt, will be attending the upcoming EUROCVD/Baltic ALD Conference to share insights on the latest advancements in Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD) technology.

We invite all attendees of the EUROCVD/Baltic ALD Conference to join Paul Poodt’s presentation and learn more about the advantages of Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with one of the leading experts in the field and discover how Spatial ALD can help you address your unique challenges.

Paul Poodt
Chief Technology Officer
Join us at the EUROCVD / Baltic ALD conference

Do not miss the opportunity! Schedule a meeting with our experts at the conference ahead to learn more about our unique Spatial ALD technology and state-of-the art product portfolio.

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