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Angelika Magyar

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1 June 2023

The Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo NA is a premier North American event that provides a unique platform for discussing cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. The conference is exclusively dedicated to the advancement of low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage and distribution, and the development of hydrogen applications in various stationary and mobile settings.

With over 200 exhibitors, 110 speakers, and more than 3,500 attendees, the event is set to bring together key players in the hydrogen value chain, including leading experts in advanced materials, manufacturing equipment, infrastructure, and test and evaluation tools and services. Through insightful discussions and demonstrations of the latest technologies and engineering solutions, the Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo aims to facilitate the commercialization of hydrogen as a primary provider of clean, renewable energy. (Hydrogen Technology Expo, 2023)

Date & Location: 28-29th June, Houston, TX, USA

SparkNano’s contribution

To reduce CO2 emissions, we need a rapid transition from fossil fuels to green hydrogen. The challenge, however, starts with the next generation of electrolyzers that make it possible to fulfill the demand for green hydrogen in a cost and resource-efficient way. 

SparkNano enables the quest for affordable green hydrogen by enabling the reduction of Iridium and platinum with a factor of 40 by using Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition technology. With over 50 years of combined Spatial ALD knowledge, SparkNano’s experts offer a selection of market-leading products ranging from lab to fab to provide the means to deploy innovative energy and engineering solutions that accelerate the transition to a green future.  

Visit SparkNano’s stand to meet our CCO, Koen Driessen, and our colleagues who will elaborate on questions about the new generation of electrolyzers, power-to-X technology, and improved fuel cell efficiency and performance through unique state-of-the-art coating technology. 

Koen Driessen
Chief Commercial Officer
Join us at the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe

Do not miss the opportunity! Schedule a meeting with our experts at the conference ahead to learn more about our unique Spatial ALD technology and state-of-the art product portfolio.

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