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Angelika Magyar

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17 April 2024

SVCTechCon is an event focused on exploring technologies and advancements in vacuum coating and surface engineering. It brings together professionals, researchers, and industry leaders to discuss and showcase the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in vacuum coating processes and surface engineering applications. The event also features presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities aimed at fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing. Take a look at the event page here.

Date & Location: 6-9 May, 2024, Chicago, Illinois, NA

SparkNano’s contribution

Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend SVCTechCon and schedule a meeting with our Chief Technology Officer, Paul Poodt, and Business Development Manager, Alexander Bouman. Paul will be also delivering two insightful presentations on May 6th at 4:50 pm and on May 9th at 4:20 pm. For the precise program schedule, please refer to the following information or visit our website at

4.50 – 5.10 PM, Monday, 6 May, 2024 – Continental B Ballroom
Atomic Layer Processing (AL6)

Optimizing Precursor Utilization for Spatial ALD in High Surface Area Substrates

4.20 – 4.40 PM, Monday, 9 May, 2024 – Buckingham
Coatings for Energy Conversion and Related Applications (EN3)
Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition of Iridium oxide electrocatalyst layers for PEM electrolysis

About SparkNano

SparkNano develops and supplies Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition equipment for energy, OLED and related applications. SparkNano was first founded in 2018 as a spin-off of TNO (the Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research). The company’s products enable its customers to seamlessly scale from lab-to-fab. Next to the high-quality equipment, an experienced team also supports in process development and optimization, provides application support and yield & and performance management. SparkNano is located in the Brainport ecosystem in Eindhoven.

Paul Poodt
Chief Technological Officer
Alexander Bouman Sales & Business Development Manager
Join us at the SVC Technical Conference

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