Webinar – Maximizing Iridium Catalyst Efficiency in PEM



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27 March 2024

Recently we organized our first online webinar. In case you missed the opportunity to attend the webinar live, we would like to give you the possibility to download the video recording below, including all additional documentation.

The topic of the webinar was ”Maximizing Iridium Catalyst Efficiency in PEM Electrolysis through Spatial ALD Technology”. PEM electrolysers stand out as agile performers in adjusting to the dynamic nature of renewable energy sources, crucial for consistent green hydrogen production. However, the scarcity of iridium poses a significant challenge to their scalability. To address the global demand for green hydrogen, an innovative approach is required to maximize iridium efficiency and optimize PEM electrolysis.

The webinar was hosted by our Senior Business Developer, Alexander Bouman, in which we delved into the heart of the green energy transition — the need to scale up electrolysers while grappling with the iridium scarcity.

In the webinar we explored the immense potential of Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (Spatial ALD), focusing on the precise deposition of catalyst layers for PEM electrolysers.

The webinar consists of a 30-minute session where we discuss:

  • Introduction: Understanding the importance of green hydrogen and the role of PEM electrolysers.
  • Spatial ALD in a nutshell: Exploring the intricacies of Spatial ALD and its ability to produce coatings with exceptional conformality.
  • Optimizing Iridium: Delving into the specific ways Spatial ALD enhances the efficiency of iridium coatings.